Fractal Art and Amazing Vortographs

Do you ever find a new technique or application in art that just astounds you? Fractal Art and amazing Vortographs are my latest obsession.

I first learned about Fractal Art and Vortographs in college during my History of Photography class. At the time, I was far more concerned with making sure I could fit all those slides and facts in my brain than the inspirational things I could learn from these photographers. But looking back, that class exposed me to photographers and processes I probably wouldn’t have heard of otherwise. I know fractals are different but still, I want you to see these great images nonetheless.

Vortography is a completely abstract form of photography invented by Alvin Langdon Coburn all the way back in 1917.  You know, back when you couldn’t just *create* these effects in photoshop – you had to be creative enough to visualize them beforehand. What Coburn did was absolutely new and unique, although not so appreciated at the time.

The images are created using a kaleidoscopic effect that repeats forms with the use of mirrors arranged in a specific pattern around the lens. Although Coburn’s technique died out quickly in his day, modern photographers are picking it back up and adapting it with their own mirrored creations. For some great new world fractals, click here. Amazing! Here are 10 amazing examples of Vortographs from photographers who have picked up Coburn’s craft:

So now you know where Christopher Nolan got some of his world-bending ideas for Inception – at least, that’s how it appears. It’s also a bit reminiscent of the work of M.C. Escher, which just goes to show that artists from every medium can inspire each other in unexpected ways. Some of the photos featured are just fantastic Flickr finds, while others are done by seasoned Vortographers – but this goes to show that this technique is not out of anyone’s reach.

You may wonder why I’m showing this on a fractal art site, but the fact of the matter is that artistic beauty in imagery isn’t single-minded or single-sided. That’s why! With just a few dollars and a trip to the craft store, you can make your own kaleidoscope for your camera’s lens using only small mirrors and duct tape without the need to understand all too difficult mathematical principles and formulas associated with fractal art.

And although many have chosen to study abstract shapes or architecture in their vortography, nothing is off-limits. I’d love to study how vortography works in the realm of portraiture and develop the most beautiful fractal art at the same time. The options are endless. Kaleidoscopic, even. It’s a great project that will make you see the world from a whole new angle. Or angles.

All You Need is LOVE

While looking for some kool crafts for kids I came upon this craft at Just A Little Creativity. You might remember when you were a kid making these scratch-it pictures where you take your crayons and make a design on paper then you paint that paper black and lastly you would scratch out a design, words, or a picture. I remember that so well, I LOVED doing that. This craft has a little different twist but still gets the job done. If they like it, you may even get them enthusiastic about fractal art, though those mathematical principles will still be too far-fetched for them at a young age.

You’re saying, is this a craft blog? No, it’s not. It’s a blog on Fractal Art. But when I saw this picture it reminded me of the Beatles song “All You Need Is LOVE” and then the song got stuck in my head. As I was singing the song over and over in my head I realized how much I agree with that song when it comes to my network marketing business.

Here is a YouTube video of the song with the lyrics. Listen to it and read the words and see if it helps you with motivation for your business. It did for me. Reading the words made me realize that as long as I have Love in my life there’s nothing I can do that can’t be done :)))

Lucky for me I am Loved! First and foremost I know my God, who is also the CEO of our business Loves me and my children and grandchildren. Then I know my children and grandchildren Love me and so do my brothers and sisters and so on. Lots of Love here!!!

That LOVE is the strength behind my drive to become more than I am now. There’s nothing that can be done that hasn’t been done? See also this fractal art post titled “Footprints in the Ether.”

I’m talking about online marketing. It’s been done. If it’s been done, then I can do it. That is such good news and should be motivation to have faith and to know that if you keep being consistent with what you’re doing and believing in your network marketing business of your choice then you will have success.

We all have LOVE in our life! Let that be your motivation to do what’s been done already and that is to be successful in building a network marketing business online :)))