Fractal Art – How to start

Simply stated, fractal pieces of art are graphical representations of mathematical equations. Fractal art has basically infinitely diverse forms, lighting, color, and detail level.

Due to its mathematical basis, a fractal may contain infinite detail: theoretically, you can zoom in and out a fractal without any limit. Fractals are self-similar without being identical, and certain regions of fractals look similar to some other regions. So this page tells you more about Fractal Art – How to start.

In the 1980s, new computer technological developments unleashed a phenomenal new direction of art that was based on mathematical algorithms. We named this new art form Fractal Art. Very often, the images of Fractal Art are splitting, kaleidoscopic, and spiraling in beautiful symmetrical patterns.

Fractals are computer-generated images, or designs, complex patterns and forms that are of amazing detail, color, and light. Fractal Art is created by using mathematical formulas and is infinite as to ever-increasing detail. The closer you will zoom or look into a fractal, the more details you will discover. Different types of fractals may be created by different mathematical formulas.

Each fractal image is similar to or represents, the parent image. This principle of “self-similarity” is characteristic to all fractal images. Just like a fern, all fronds are similar, but not really the same, so pretty unique.

A fractal may be extraordinarily beautiful or incredibly mundane! New mathematical formulas will create new fractal images, and who knows the next image may even bear your name! But fortunately, we don’t need to understand or know complex math theories if we want to create our own fractal images. If we have the creativity and desire, we all can get involved in this wonderful process of creating Fractal Art.

Now how are fractals made? These fascinating, beautiful, and complex art form is actually produced by using fractal computer programs that will create these incredible images. These computer programs are created by authors, but it’s also famous Fractal Art artists find it quite challenging to figure out how to use them.

The tools you need for creating fractals are basically a computer and a “generator”, the fractal computer program. You don’t need a new state-of-the-art computer, any will do for the creation of fractal images! The newer your computer, though, the quicker your images will be generated, and some fractal programs are generating images faster than other programs.

A great program, or fractal generator, for creating fractals is Stephen Ferguson’s “Tiera-Zon” that can be downloaded pretty easily, but there are numerous other programs available as well. Just look for Fractal Software programs, and you’ll be surprised by the abundance of offers. Each software program will have its unique characteristics. Probably the best thing to do is to download several programs and see what you like best.

A fractal is actually a very complex sequence or mathematical equation that results in geometric patterns. You can zoom in to a fractal infinitely and all the time, the same picture will be produced. Fractal shapes are occurring naturally in all sorts of things from galaxy formations to fern leaves, and fractals are highly fascinating, not only to those individuals seeking some sort of meaning to the universe as fractals may be seen as linked to chaos theory.

The beauty and infinite repetition of fractals have inspired some artists to create experimental fractal design work, but fractal art doesn’t necessarily need to include abstract or psychedelic pieces of art. A fine and free program for creating 3-D fractals is Mandelbulb 3D, a free application for producing highly detailed 3D fractals with an incredible number of imaging effects.

Another interesting and excellent fractal generator for the iPod is Frax HD. It’s blisteringly fast and enables you to create a fractal pattern, to zoom directly into the depths of all recursive details. You will be able to pan across it and rotate the image.  You have the option to adjust the color palette, twiddle the textures, and adjust the lighting.