Irish College of Druids (only in Ireland…)

I’ve been going around the Irish landscape quite a bit, though, and I discovered some weird things going on… Today is Friday and my study week has come to an end, and the following is something I really would like you to take good notice of! Life-changing!

Just check out the following Irish instruction video, a beginner’s guide to Druidry so you may understand a bit more about what I’ll be talking about…

For many folks, the term “Druidry” may conjure up some images of old, long white-bearded old men with white robes. They’ll probably be casting some mysterious magical spell while using a golden sickle to cut the mistletoe…

However! Modern-day Druidry is a far cry from that! It is an important spiritual path with ancient roots, that’s true. But it is actually very contemporary in its approach to our environment, to nature, and to the psychology of our modern minds…

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Finding Cheap Flights In Europe

With the recent emergence of budget airlines in Europe, flying from one destination to the next is more affordable than ever. 5 years ago it wouldn’t be anywhere near economical to fly point to point in Europe and taking the train was really your only option. However, that has all changed and now flying may be your best bet.

There are several advantages flying will give you over traveling the rails, the most noticeable being the amount of time you can save. Besides time, you can also save money thanks to the competitive nature of Europe’s discount carriers. The last thing you want to do while backpacking Europe is waste your precious time and money. Today we’re going to look at your options for finding cheap flights within Europe.

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Budget Your Trip To Europe

Once you’ve got a good idea of where you’ll be visiting on your trip to Europe, it will be time to figure out your budget. Despite what you may be thinking or what you may have heard, a trip to Europe doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, backpacking through Europe is one of the cheapest ways to vacation.

The most expensive part of your trip will most definitely be transportation. Divide your trip into two different sets of costs; pre-trip expenses and on-the-road costs. Pre-trip will cover all of your supplies, airfare, and train passes. On-the-road costs will cover everything else, including lodging, food, and attractions.

The standard calculation that experienced backpackers will tell you is $60.00 per day with a little lee-way in each direction. This will cover everything from paying for your hostel to getting into the Louvre. It is possible to make it work with less, but trust me, you in no way want to be stranded at the end of your journey, looking for the cheapest of everything. It will take away from your overall experience and if you’re undertaking an endeavor like this, you want to fully enjoy it.

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Planning Your Backpacking Trip To Europe On A Budget

When traveling to Europe on a budget, planning out your trip is an important step. It will help you have a more affordable and enjoyable vacation. Now, unlike most of the information you will find, it’s not essential for every little detail to be planned out, but rather just a rough idea.

A big part of the experience while backpacking Europe is the freedom you have when it comes to deciding where and what to do. However, it is important to know what places you would like to see most before you depart. It is also a good idea to know what season you’re going to be traveling and for how long you’re planning to stay.

Deciding what you would like to see is completely dependent on what region of Europe you are planning to visit. If you’d like to stay in Western Europe then you’ll want to make sure and see the popular attractions like the Colosseum, and the Louvre. Or if you’ll be backpacking in Eastern Europe, then you’ll want to see classic destinations like Montenegro and Croatia. No matter where you decide to visit, you’re sure to have the adventure of a lifetime and a trip you’ll never forget.

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Backpacking through Europe – some tips

Backpacking through Europe is one of the most exciting, rewarding, and memorable experiences many people will ever have. There is nothing more adventurous than setting off on a trip exploring whichever European destinations that you want. So let’s check out some Backpacking through Europe tips.

From the uncertainty of finding a hostel to deciding which countries you’d like to see most, it all may seem a bit overwhelming. To help you make the most of your trip, check out our tips for having a successful trip backpacking Europe.

Choosing The Right Season To Visit

Deciding which season you want to visit Europe is one of the most important decisions you will make. The summer is definitely the busiest time of year and with that traffic also comes longer lines and less hostel availability. However, the weather during the summer is fantastic and if you don’t mind dealing with the crowds then the summer is the time for you.

Wintertime is also a great season to visit, however, you may miss out on some attractions which are closed for the season. Both times of year have their pros and cons and choosing when to go just comes down to your own personal preference.

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How much money do I need to travel Europe-on a Budget

From the lush landscape of Warsaw to the quaint history of Istanbul, European vacations offer an adventure for everyone. Historians will marvel at the ancient history collated into Moscow’s Red Square, while the city-opportunist will awe at the lurid lights that make up Spain’s largest cities. Many young people ask us “How much money do I need to travel Europe-on a Budget”, so let’s take a look.

Whether its city landscapes, history or European beaches, traveling to these locations can come at a steep, often unaffordable price. For those hoping to enjoy an international vacation, without the international costs, discount codes, the ubiquitous traveler packages, and most importantly, budget-friendly tips can help stymie the rising costs.

So how much money do you need to travel to Europe? Usually, with a budget of a few thousand dollars, you will be able to travel to and around Europe for 2 weeks.

These Boots Were Made for Walking…

…And that’s just what they should do! Europe, unlike the States, is not a driver-friendly continent. Narrow roads, tight parking spaces, scare parking spots and high costs of gas prices make public transportation ideal. Rent vehicles only when necessary. In all other instances walk, take the bus, or ride the train. Taking public transportation is much cheaper than renting a gas-guzzling vehicle, paying for insurance, and combating the cumbersome task of finding parking.

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Taste of Europe- 8 Unusual Places You Should Visit

Getting away from city life and all of the stresses and strains that it brings can be exactly what people need to get refreshed. Many holidays can be complete mayhem from start to finish, but it doesn’t have to always be that way – choosing countryside holiday cottages or other tranquil European destinations are two options. So let’s check it out what it takes to get a Taste of Europe- 8 Unusual Places You Should Visit.

By doing your research regarding what to see and do, where to be based and how to get there you can find destinations across Europe for that tranquil holiday you’ve needed for months. Here is a top 8 for your perusal:

Scopello, Sicily

When you think of relaxation, what comes to mind? Would you like to see sandy beaches and sun? Well, if it is, then this spot on the coast of Italy is perfect for you as you look to unwind from the stresses of modern life. There is pretty much nothing at this idyllic stone village, it is a spot for true escapism and absolute peace, but make sure you don’t come without packing the essentials!

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Best Wedding Venues in New Orleans

New Orleans is one of America’s finest romantic cities, and the city offers an excellent historical setting for a wonderful wedding. Whether your affair is intimate or huge, there are many places to consider for your special day.

The Big Easy is packed with places and locations that offer the finest wedding and reception facilities. Whether you’re planning an outdoor wedding for 20, or a formal dinner reception for 400, your venue should provide the right atmosphere for your celebration. Here are the most ideal locations for a memorable wedding day:

New Orleans City Park
1 Palm Drive, New Orleans, LA 70124, Phone: 504-488-2896
This park is famous for organizing magnificent wedding ceremonies in its charming New Orleans Botanical Garden. Friends and family members will enjoy the stunning plants, flowers, and fountains throughout this natural environment.

The park features vast swan-filled bayous and dozens of years old trees blanketed in moss. All these elements are paying homage to the city’s charm, and breezeways and outdoor dance floors can be found for a special tropical feeling. You will enjoy excellent catering, skilled staff, and numerous services to choose from to make your day most special.

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Places You Must Visit in New Orleans

New Orleans, the Big Easy, is really among the world’s most remarkable cities. Its rich history is founded on influences from Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe, and the city has always been the home of a unique melting pot of culture, food, and music.

If you visit New Orleans, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a bowl filled with gumbo, and wander through historic communities. Come to the Big Easy and enjoy New Orleans’ nighttime dark jazz clubs, and be present at fabulous festivals all year round. This city is truly one of America’s most famous historical values and a cultural top-destination.

What you should not miss (besides Mardi Gras-the final day of Carnival) while visiting New Orleans:

French Quarter – the famous historical neighborhood, and cultural center for night time entertainment in New Orleans. The French Quarter really must be visited because of its abundant history, the vibrant atmosphere, and distinct architecture. The district is renown for its music and famous jazz clubs, street performances and energetic nightlife. Furthermore, here you can find the greatest art galleries and the city’s best restaurants.

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Must Visit Streets in New Orleans

While visiting New Orleans there are some streets you should not miss. Here they are:

St. Charles Avenue
A major thoroughfare in New Orleans and the place for the St. Charles Streetcar Line. An antique streetcar can take you on a ride through the historical past or you can go walking by the hundreds of storybook mansions that decorate the tree-lined boulevard.

Magazine Street
Magazine Street absolutely is a dreamland for second-hand bargain seekers, coffee shop fanatics and those people who appreciate casual dining, and the stroll will take you all the way from the Garden District to Uptown New Orleans.

Royal Street
Just one block away from the madness of Bourbon Street is the French Quarter’s more sophisticated and elegant center of local artistic culture. Royal Street is a pleasant blend of exquisite antique shops and boutiques, wonderful jewelry stores, amazing art galleries, great architecture, and world-class hotels and restaurants.

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