Review of Onsego GED Prep

Last year, due to the pandemic, I couldn’t attend the adult basic education course at our local community college since they closed, and I had to learn it all over the internet.

Well, I did a lot of research and used some trial versions of different online courses, and I discovered that one of the best online resources to get all set for the GED® test was the GED Prep Course designed by Onsego.

So last December, I passed my fourth GED sub-exam, and to be honest, I probably wouldn’t have been able to earn my GED so quickly if not for the efficient way this prep course got me all set.

The course uses video lessons and practice tests as the primary teaching methods, and there are also interactive quizzes, discussion areas, and links to additional learning resources.

The videos lessons can be standalone though usually, they are part of modules. Onsego’s GED Prep Course covers all subject fields addressed in the GED test and the course is recognized by GED Testing Service.

Onsego GED
Dashboard of Onsego and students

In total, the course contains hours of video material, but it is all broken up into small, bite-sized parts, so there is not too much content going into each video lesson.

This is a great way to build up your knowledge as you’ll learning and understanding of GED subject matter is cumulative. Typically, you will build new concepts and ideas on top of the things you’ve already learned.

The available quizzes allow you to check how well you master the new material and go over the lessons again if needed.

There’s no need to follow a schedule as you can access each lesson and quiz whenever you want and in any order, though the course guides you through the entire material in a great way, and the difficulty level increases as you progress.

Onsego offers a very affordable online learning platform with over 400 video lessons and practice tests to learn from. My experience with Onsego is that, since top-quality online GED courses are sparse and often quite expensive, you’re better off with Onsego than most other online options.

Once you enroll in the course, you’ll have access to all videos and quizzes. You can purchase the entire GED course (covering all four GED sub-exams) or sign up for just one GED subject.

At first, I was a bit skeptical about signing up for an online course but what pleasantly surprised me was the quality of the videos, and I could learn any subject in any order.

The videos are well-paced and, though I thought the online teaching method was unsuited for my learning style, I discovered I learned best by watching a few short, bite-sized video lessons and taking notes. This really is a great GED prep course for you!

What’s also great is their customer support. At first, I had to contact them because of a payment concern, and they responded promptly and professionally. It didn’t take long for them to reply, and they provided me with the best possible customer support.

So if you want to secure your GED diploma fast, the Onsego GED prep course is the way to go. Bear in mind, though, that online studying requires self-discipline on your behalf!

If that’s a problem, you may be better off attending a teacher-led program in a brick-and-mortar school, perhaps in combination with this online course. Usually, at physical prep sites, you’ll have to follow a pre-arranged lesson sequence and an online course, specifically this one, allows you to learn what you need at the time you want. And that’s a great advantage!

So if you truly want to earn your GED, and you can learn well on your own, the GED course designed by Onsego might be your fastest way to your GED diploma.

Mary Steiner, a very happy GED graduate, looking forward to enrolling in college!