Fallen Heroes Survivors Foundation

“Were It Not For The Brave, There Would Be No Land Of The Free”

The Fallen Heroes Survivors Foundation (FHSF) is a Non-Profit Corporation 501(c) that was established by Mike Ladouceur in 2010. FHSF provides support and services to surviving spouses as well as dependent children of those brave American military men and women that have fallen in battle during times of war as well as military personnel who committed suicide due to documented PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) resulting from their service to our country during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. FHSF uses over 85 percent of every dollar donated to support these families, so your donation goes a long way.

FHSF is not offering a hand-outs, but a hands-up. This is temporary assistance based on need and available funding to aid these families as they recover from the tremendous loss they have suffered.

The minimum donation equals what you would spend in a month on a few cups of coffee. Commit for a month, commit for a year, or make a one-time donation, and we can make a life-changing difference for these families. Donations will assist with short-term childcare since the spouses not only lost uniformed loved ones but also much-needed financial security and support for their families.

Freedom isn’t Free

Happy Fourth of July, America. On this anniversary of our independence, it’s important to thank those who make it all possible. Let’s talk about veterans for a minute. Freedom isn’t Free. We know that.

Veterans, they are our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers, our teachers, our congressmen, our local small business people, our family. They possess something that defines the American spirit: a willingness to defend it all costs, especially their own. Fiercely independent, they are also just as generous, overwhelmingly brave and most incredibly, very humble.

When you thank a veteran, they will most often look at you kindly and say, “My pleasure.”  It’s always hard to believe that, but they say it’s true. A big thank-you to all of our veterans this Fourth of July. You make our country possible.

Memorial Day Images – A great time to Honor the Living

Memorial Day. For those who can think beyond the barbecues, pool parties and first-of-summer sales, we think of our fallen heroes. We think of those men and women who have laid down their lives for our opportunity to have those barbecues, pool parties and sales (among other things). I think when I look at Memorial Day images – a great time to honor the living. We think of those for whom there was no more American way of life because there was no more life.

We think of their service and we give thanks. I keep coming back to a story written a year ago by Dallas Morning News reporter Steve Blow, who so eloquently points out that Memorial Day is a great time to honor the living.

Tim Walz and the American College of Education

In 2003, Tim Walz was honored with the Teacher of Excellence Award of Minnesota. After completing his high school education, Tim was offered a temporary job as a teacher at South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Native American Reservation. Our entire life is like a continuous college of education so let’s take a look at Tim Walz and the American College of Education, our lives!

Take a look at the following video about Tim Walz in which he clearly is proud of receiving a lifetime A+ grade from the American Drum Major Institute for Public Policy.

Through this experience, he decided to follow his dad’s lead and become a teacher. “My dad was a great teacher and I learned early at an early age that having the chance to support students with their learning efforts and see them achieve the goals they’ve set themselves in life is an incredibly rewarding task.”

Tim Walz, Minnesota Governor’s Inauguration

A few months ago now, on January 7, at Saint Paul’s Fitzgerald Theater, Tim Walz was sworn in as the new governor of Minnesota. He is the first Governor to work with a budget surplus in more than twenty years. Tim Walz will be working towards plugging gaps in healthcare and education, just to mention a few of his goals. So here, we’ll look at Tim Walz, Minnesota Governor’s Inauguration.

Take also a look at the following video about Tim Walz being sworn in as the 41st governor of Minnesota on Monday, January 7. To the Minnesotans that did not vote for him, Mr. Walz said, “I’ll be working hard to earn all of your trust and I’ll be your governor as well”. Let’s take a look:

Governor Tim Walz will be fighting for equality in his home state where often, your ZIP code or race can determine your trajectory. Gov. Walz used his first speech to set his home state of Minnesota apart from Washington DC with its deepening economic, racial, and social division gripping.

Honoring Our Veterans

Honoring Our Veterans is a grassroots movement with the mission of highlighting, recognizing and aiding veterans to thank them in some small way for the sacrifices they have made to ensure our freedom. See this video in which Tim Walz honors Iraq war veteran David Mahlke with medals that were actually long overdue:

Today, we regard WW II veterans as senior citizens, but it is crucial to remember that also these brave men were once vibrant and young individuals who gave their best years (and many also their lives) for our country and the freedom we have today. Check out this tribute to all those who we honor as they fought the Nazis in Europe and the world.

Honor Flight

Honor Flight is a non-profit that’s set up with the single purpose of honoring our nation’s veterans for the sacrifices they made to keep out country and the world safe. Honor Flight is working hard to offer all of our great heroes the opportunity to visit our nation’s Capital, Washington, DC, and go over reflections at the memorials.

Why Do We Fight?

“We’re not trying to save the world. We’re trying to honor those who did.”

First, check out this 2009 video in which Tim Walz honors The American Legion and the good work the organization does to help our veterans and then let’s ask ourselves the question Why Do We Fight?

Then, listen to this story of a Texas servicewoman talking about the reasons why we fight these wars across the globe:

“Just like you, I’m a grateful American, one who holds her freedom close to her heart. I’m also a proud Texan and a military “BRAT.” My parents, grandparents, great-grandparents – many generations of my family – have served in the military.

My grandfather received a Purple Heart for his service in World War II, where he spent months as a prisoner of war. My father fought in Vietnam. I guess you could say service to our country runs in our family.

Tim Walz – Minnesota Governor and Educator

So Minnesota has a governor who really understands what’s going on in the classroom. From the first day in office, he knows first-hand what it takes to be a teacher and how to deal with class sizes, testing, lack of respect, lack of support, job stress, just to mention a few of the daily occurrences. Well, Tim Walz, who was a Mankato teacher for twenty years, will be Minnesota’s Governor. Let’s take a closer look at Tim Walz – Minnesota Governor and Educator.

That was one reason why the Education Community endorsed Tim Walz and state representative Peggy Flanagan, his running mate, for the state’s governor and lieutenant-governor, Tim Walz’ education record.

Tim Walz was both a Mankato High teacher and a serviceman in the U.S. Army National Guard when, in 2004, he took two of his students to hear a speech by President George W. Bush in his hometown of Mankato, Minnesota.

The Key is to be Proactive

Some people take the season head-on, putting up the holiday decorations before the Thanksgiving dishes have grown cold. Others go with the flow and brave the mall crowds at the last minute. Some just wish the whole season would go away. No matter what your style, a little planning, and preparation will make it easier to cope with holiday stress.

“The key is to be proactive,” said Ron Bale Ph.D., staff psychologist at Community Memorial Hospital and private practice since 1979. “If you know that the holidays are a difficult time for you, get together with a close friend and bounce some ideas off them.”

The temptation to overdo it a lot stronger during the holidays. There are so many choices and so many expectations that it’s easy to overeat, overspend or simply run yourself ragged trying to keep up with the festivities. Decide ahead of time how you want to celebrate the season. Share your plan with your family or a friend who can help you stick with it. …

Your Website has become a Citizen of the World

Once you make your online business truly international, remember that when you, your products, or your Website leave the United States, you’ve become a citizen of the world–possibly subject to the law of places your feet have never touched.

Yahoo! learned this lesson the hard way several years ago. In France, a local group sued Yahoo! over the availability of Nazi memorabilia on the Yahoo! auction Website. The group claimed that the search engine violated French laws that prohibit the display and sale of racist material.

The French Court

The French court ruled against Yahoo! and ordered it to either remove the memorabilia from its Website or implement a technological fix to prohibit French citizens from viewing and bidding on the items. The penalty: $13,000 for each day the company failed to comply. This was years ago so can you imagine what it would be today?