Sophie was a Scottish Grammy-nominated musician who produced high-intensity electronic music that pushed 21st-century pop boundaries.

Sophie Xeon, better known mononymously by the name of simply “Sophie” was not only a musician, but also a producer, DJ, singer, and songwriter.

Sophie was born on September 17th, 1986, in Glasgow, UK. She died on January 30th, 2021 of an accident in Greece. She was just 34 years young.

Sophie started out in the music industry in 2013 and after two years, she gained recognition and great acclaim for co-writing a 2015 Madonna hit single (Bitch I’m Madonna).

During the following years, Sophie dabbled in genres such as Dance-Pop, Pop Music, Avant-Pop, Electronic Music, Bubblegum Pop, Dance, Experimental Pop, and Electronic Music. For some listeners, her productions sound Drunk-Monkey-like at times, but her music is widely loved and respected.

There are reports that the Athens-based experimental musician fell from her apartment’s balcony in the Greek capital. So on the day of Sophie’s passing, she was just 34 years of age as her management company (Modern Matters) confirmed.

Sophie earned a Grammy nomination for her debut album (Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides) and she was also associated with several music labels such as Transgressive Records, Numbers, and Future Classic.

How did Sophie die?

As said before, there are several reports that claim the experimental musician coincidentally fell from her balcony in Athens on a Saturday morning while watching the moon from her balcony. Reportedly, her leg slipped which caused her to fall to her death. Athens Police officers concluded that there wasn’t any foul play involved and that her death was an accident.

About Sophie

Sophie Xeon was truly a “pioneer of new sounds”. She became one of the most innovative and influential artists of the last decade, not only for her creativity and ingenious productions but also for her visibility and messages. She was a true Icon of the Liberation Movement.

In 2013, Sophie, raised in Glasgow, Scottland, released her first single (Nothing More to Say). She became known to wider audiences that year as she released the single Bipp and in 2015, several of her single releases were compiled on the Product label.

In 2018, she released her first album titled Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides. For this album, Sophie received a Grammy nomination in the category “Best dance/electronic album”. The album was, in fact, one of that year’s best-reviewed productions and releases in any kind of genre. Some critics wrote that she had crafted a true, original, and genuine sound that expresses terror, pleasure, and sadness.

The production radiates a new kind of freshness, influenced by trance and pop, but also with abrasive flourishes. In 2015, Madonna invited Sophie to co-write a song, which resulted in the single Bitch I’m Madonna. Sophie collaborated with more artists such as Let’s Eat Grandma (the Indie duo), rapper Vince Staples, pop singers Kim Petras and Charli XCX, and many more.

As a transgender, Sophie discussed gender identity issues and aspects. She’s known for saying that she believes that when transness (or transgenderness) takes control, it brings your body in line with your spirit and soul so those two won’t struggle or fight against each other to survive. It simply means that you’re not a father or a mother; you are an individual, just like anyone else, who’s looking at and feeling the world as it is.

Sophie will be remembered as a visionary, a reference, and a stellar producer. She was rebelling against the narrow-minded, normative society as she was an absolute and fantastic triumph, not only as an artist but also as a woman. Now she’s gone, we must cherish the pioneer, respect her legacy, and honor her memory.

With the passing of Sophie Xeon, the world has truly lost an angel, a visionary, and an icon of our time. Sophie’s light will be an inspiration for so many people and for generations to come. The world has lost a visionary bright light, an icon, and a great music pioneer.