Fractal Art Images – A New World

Fractal Art began to be created in the times characterized by the impact of a variety of concepts and the combination of all kinds of methods. The storm-force caused by “fuzzy” Fractal Art swiftly scudded through the domains of mathematics, biology, atmosphere, and oceanics.

Besides these natural sciences, it also influenced violently several social studies, even in music and art. So let’s look a little deeper into the world of Fractal Art Images – a New World.

Mysterious and infinite art fascination in imagination, unbelievable and indescribable scenery in the fractal new world have been leading and stimulating human beings to explore and expand.

During the research and creation, people appreciate surprisingly the wonderful works based on science and fine arts and the harmonious integration of mathematics and aesthetics. People enjoy feeling physically the genuine and alive mathematics that usually be considered as only uninteresting numbers and complicated formulas in the past. Fractal Art is a special bridge between science and fine arts.

Fractal Art is different from computer-aided design. The latter, that is to say, is based on a computer as an instrument to picture and design works of art.

Certainly, the creator should have knowledge of fine arts. However, as a purely mathematical result, Fractal Art requires the creator, besides professional and profound knowledge of mathematics, also has a proficient capacity for writing programs.

“To love our Fractal Art is an art in itself as it is to accept and appreciate the works of modern technology and fine arts. To share this fantastic new world with us we are grateful to the great Fractal Art Masters and may all their and your wishes come true in the wonderful world of Fractal Art!”

These were the words of Yuan Yufeng, a professor at Yanshan University who dedicated a substantial part of his life to research in fractal geometry and to create beautiful fractal works of art. Whatever artwork you find in his Fractal Gallery are the favorite works of art created by him and his child.

You might even say that Professor Yuan Yufeng more or less “invented” fractals and all around us, the universe contains elements from fractals. To learn about some really famous fractal artists, check out this page.

Creating fractal images is the most favorite thing in the lives of Professor Yuan Yufeng and his son and they have been working on Fractal Art for many years now. His son is a graduate student majoring in computer science and he is also pretty much obsessed with Visual C++ programming.

The infinite occult and beauty of the fractal world will stimulate human beings to explore. Fractal Art makes human beings realize that science and fine art will amalgamate. Fractal Art is the bridge from science to fine art. See also our post titled “Footprints in the Ether” which displays some more unbelievably beautiful works of Fractal Art.

Getting started with Fractal Art requires understanding the world of mathematics as fractals are actually very complex sequences or mathematical equations resulting in geometric patterns. The tools that you require for the creation of fractals are just a computer and a fractal computer program, the “generator”.

There’s no need to acquire a modern high-power computer; any computing machine will be perfect for creating fractal images. Newer computers will be faster in generating your images, but any computer will do, and there are also fractal programs that generate images quicker than some others do.