UCSC Colleges: College Ten


College Ten was founded in 2002, shortly after College Nine. College Ten does not have a benefactor yet, and so still does not have a name.


College Ten’s theme is “Social Justice and Community”, and the required core course focuses on equality for all across a variety of issues — sexuality, environment, race, economic class, and more.


College Ten is located right next to College Nine at the north end of campus. College Ten is very conveniently located — both Science Hill and the bookstore area are a short walk away.

Colleges Nine and Ten share a bus stop that the campus loop buses stop at in both directions, making it a quick ride to most places on campus. The only places that are a bit tough to reach are the media theater area and the McHenry Library, both near the center of campus. No buses run straight to these places, so you’ll need to do at least some walking, but the walk will be downhill on the way.