UCSC Colleges: College Nine


College Nine was the first college founded at UCSC since College Eight (now: Rachel Carson College) was founded in 1972. College Nine was founded in 2000, and still hasn’t received a name yet.


College Nine’s theme is “International and Global Issues”. The core course takes an international focus on issues such as human rights, the environment, and economic globalization.


College Nine is located at the north end of campus, east of Science Hill and west of Crown College, right next to College Ten. Colleges Nine and Ten share a bus stop, and campus loop buses and the city buses stop here going both directions.

Science Hill is a short walk down the road, up a slight hill, and the bookstore area is a short walk downhill in the other direction. The areas at the center of campus, such as the McHenry Library and the media center, are a bit tougher to reach and will definitely involve some walking, though it’s shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to reach either.


Colleges Nine and Ten share their apartments, much like Crown & Merrill. The apartments are located behind both colleges, at the northern tip of campus. The apartments are beautiful and are nestled in the tall redwoods. Students can be housed in singles, doubles, or triples, for a total of four or five students per apartment. Most apartments have their own balcony or deck.


College Nine and Ten share a dining hall. Unlike the other dining halls, this one isn’t located at any one college — it’s actually in the middle of both. The dining hall’s food is pretty good, but I’ve noticed little variety. Many common dishes are served daily — including hamburgers, pizza, and Mexican food, as well as a large salad bar.

The dining hall is open until midnight on Sundays through Thursdays, but it closes at 7 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. Crown‘s dining hall is a short walk away, however, and is open late on weekends.

Things to Remember

  • College Nine is a new college, and so it still feels very modern. The rooms are spacious and in good condition. Other colleges have been renovated frequently since their creation, however, so this isn’t a difference.
  • The stereotype for this college is that it’s an “Asian” college and that most of its residents are Asian. There’s some truth to this, as international students are housed at Nine and Ten.
  • College Nine is very conveniently located — most places on campus are very easy to reach from it.
  • Nine and Ten don’t really have separate identities as colleges yet. The two are very similar.