Aaron D Wiegert

I met with the author Aaron D Wiegert. Here is a small summary of our conversation.

In work from home careers such as home internet businesses that involve a network or team, you will be the Leader for the people you attract into the business opportunity.

Looking at the Leadership principles contained in, How to Win Friends and Influence People it is emphasized we need to positively acknowledge this Leadership role. Why does he Dale Carnegie devote a whole section to Leadership?

The answer is simple, people are attracted to Leaders. The book is about how to win over people hence the more you behave like a Leader the more people will be attracted to your opportunity.

One of the things I have seen unsuccessful Leaders do is the, ‘leave alone zap’ way of Leading. This method involves ignoring people if they are doing things right day in and day out, but boy do they ‘zap’ you if you get it wrong once.

This is a bad way to earn extra money because your team begins to distrust you. I believe it’s the prevalence of poor Leadership in that past that has lead to so many people leaving home business opportunities in the past.

There is another much more productive, and I mean in terms of earning more money, way. If you agree with someone there is an area where they can improve it is crucial that you follow up on that. Be very specific about what the problem is and then when they improve tell them. They will do anything for you if you do this in a consistent manner.

I admit when I started my recent series of videos I said ‘erm’ too much. My business associate noticed it and mentioned it; that was all I needed. I then Googled other people with the same problem and read their tips on how to stop.

I know I do it less now because I have counted the number of times. However before that my business associate noticed and publicly mentioned it. I felt great and I am still working those ‘erms’ down. This is the way to turn people into successes.

In his classic work How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie explains one of his principles that giving orders is a poor way to get people to do something.

In management theory, the issuing of orders to get people to do something is called the, ‘command and control’ method. As you can guess it has its roots in military organizations. However interestingly even they are moving away from its pure form. People who have home Internet businesses getting people to join them may adopt this way of managing their network because it’s the easiest and quickest way for them to lead.

Research has shown that as we live in a democracy people expect more say over their working live. Indeed the attraction of working for yourself is you have fired the boss. If they then have someone issue orders or directions they may actually feel like leaving.

So what is the alternative, especially of you really want to get your message home? Well although it takes longer; asking questions and getting input to questions you lay out will actually get you more trust as a Leader. A trusted Leader gets more commitment and more loyalty, a better way to earn more money.

So if you want to create set methods you wish your team operate then put out proposals and ask for input. Make it clear as Leader you retain the right to ignore some suggestions as its people’s businesses that are on the line. To engender even more trust make sure you give feedback to people if you ignore their advice explaining why.

Operating as a Leader is a key skill in a top tier direct sales opportunity, therefore develop this skill as part of your personal development.