Nathan Graziano and a few highlights of my year

Nathan Graziano is the author of two collections of poetry. I really enjoy his writing. Check out for your self.

It’s almost December already and I’m trying to figure out where my year has gone. It sucks that even now, at the end, I can only pick out a few highlights of my year. I don’t want to go into detail, but this is just a shortlist.

1. I managed to be a bit more social which was last year’s resolution. I still don’t go out that much but I’m making progress. I realized I’ve missed out on a lot of things and that living a life, is life.

2. Kept my word. Okay, for the most part, when I said I was going to do something, I did in fact do it. And that I’m proud of. Maybe the procrastination stuck around, but things got done.

3. Found love. Yes, I said the word love. Before you even make assumptions that I don’t even know what love is, you have to keep in mind that love varies in meaning, so don’t judge me. I’ve gained two new best friends whom I love very much as well.

4. Got this site up in running back in July thanks to Jenn. I’ve yet to reach my state of satisfaction, but as the weeks go by I tend to get happier. Thanks to all of my visitors.

5. Last but not least, I’ve learned a lot about myself, which should make the upcoming years a lot easier to presume and live through. Life itself, and YOU is a work in progress and I’m left with a craving for anything that can define myself.

Those are some of the main things that have happened this year. There were many many other things, but I can save that for a later blog closer to the New Year.

So today was back to school and it was very nonchalant. Though, I have much to do this month in a short amount of time, school-wise. I have a term paper and a book review due on the 19th.

The book review consists of a summary of every page, and then a full review of the book itself. I haven’t even started on that… Then there’s final exams for all 6 of my classes. Isn’t that going to be fun with all the studying and cramming.

I’m mostly worried about my Chemistry exam and Algebra II exam. The others I should pass without a problem. I’m striving for straight A’s this term. I’ve never gotten anything below straight A’s, but this time I just might have a B. I’m worried.

With that being said, I’ll be tending to my studies and homework. I’ll probably just be having some semi-interesting blogs until that’s all over. I’ll definitely keep you guys posted. Plus, I’m already excited that my birthday is next month and I’ll be eighteen!

What have you enjoyed most about this year and are you looking forward to what December will bring?