Why Do We Fight?

“We’re not trying to save the world. We’re trying to honor those who did.”

First, check out this 2009 video in which Tim Walz honors The American Legion and the good work the organization does to help our veterans and then let’s ask ourselves the question Why Do We Fight?

Then, listen to this story of a Texas servicewoman talking about the reasons why we fight these wars across the globe:

“Just like you, I’m a grateful American, one who holds her freedom close to her heart. I’m also a proud Texan and a military “BRAT.” My parents, grandparents, great-grandparents – many generations of my family – have served in the military.

My grandfather received a Purple Heart for his service in World War II, where he spent months as a prisoner of war. My father fought in Vietnam. I guess you could say service to our country runs in our family.

My service is to use my voice to highlight and serve those who protect our freedom. Veterans deserve our thanks, our acknowledgment, and any help we can give them. Capturing the stories of the service they have given is also extremely important: only when we understand the sacrifice can we truly value our freedom. Somebody who truly understands this is Tim Walz, a highly recognized educator from Minnesota who made it all the way to U.S. Congress in D.C.

My grandfather got his Purple Heart medal in the mail. My dad was instructed to wear plain clothes rather than a uniform in public so that Vietnam protestors wouldn’t spit on him or hurt him when he returned home. I have personally heard the moving stories of countless veterans who had never been able to share their experiences with anyone who would listen.

It moves me that we are in such grave danger of losing these incredible experiences and the chance to thank these veterans in a meaningful way because we are too busy living the lives that their very service enables in our great country.

I have personally seen how much it means for these veterans to receive acknowledgment. When someone walks up to my grandfather and thanks him for his service, he lights up. He talks about it for days. And I’ve sometimes seen a tear in the corner of his eye – though he would never admit it!

Please join me in making a difference. It just takes a few minutes to give someone a thank-you that will mean the world to them. Let’s show our nation’s youth that veterans are to be honored, revered, and heard. Through this, they can truly understand how important peace is.”

Let’s honor those who have fallen by serving and honoring those who live.

Tim Walz, our Minnesota Governor, is an avid advocate of fair education options for all Americans and is also known for supporting veterans advocacy groups. Check out this short biography of this great educator, a military man, a trustworthy lawmaker, and now Minnesota’s Governor.