Tim Walz and the American College of Education

In 2003, Tim Walz was honored with the Teacher of Excellence Award of Minnesota. After completing his high school education, Tim was offered a temporary job as a teacher at South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Native American Reservation. Our entire life is like a continuous college of education so let’s take a look at Tim Walz and the American College of Education, our lives!

Take a look at the following video about Tim Walz in which he clearly is proud of receiving a lifetime A+ grade from the American Drum Major Institute for Public Policy.

Through this experience, he decided to follow his dad’s lead and become a teacher. “My dad was a great teacher and I learned early at an early age that having the chance to support students with their learning efforts and see them achieve the goals they’ve set themselves in life is an incredibly rewarding task.”

Harvard University later offered Tim Walz the opportunity to broaden his perspectives on education a global scale by being a teacher in China in the years 1989 and 1990. Tim was part of an early government-approved group of American educators that was appointed to teach students at Chinese high schools.

In 1990, after Tim Walz had returned to Nebraska, he developed an educational cooperation program between American students and Chinese students. Additionally, Tim founded Educational Travel Adventures, a small business venture that organizes annual educational visits for U.S. high school students to China and continues to do so today.

Tim Walz has served in U.S. Army National Guard for more than two decades and his work to support our veterans is recognized and respected across the nation. Tim’s inspiring and stimulating approach to all aspects of the teaching world gained him much recognition, for example through the Minnesota Teacher of Excellence Award in 2003.

Anti-Gay Bullying-Student Non-Discrimination Act

Tim Walz, as a former Mankato West High teacher, knows first-hand that the problem of bullying is a pretty serious one in our nation’s schools. It was high time that the necessary steps would be taken to deal with this problem forever, to eliminate it! And this should not be limited to education. Tim Walz is a former Army Officer who actively supports our troops that are fighting to defend our freedom and protect our values.

None of our nation’s students deserves to feel embarrassed or ashamed about who or what they are. We need to make sure that all of our children can attend schools freely and that our schools are places where they have the opportunity to focus on learning and developing themselves without running the risk of being harassed or teased by others.

Tim Walz, Minnesota’s Man in Congress through 2018, strongly supported and still supports the prevention of harassment and bullying and praises the work by so many organizations and agencies to eliminate it. Tim supported several legislative actions like H.R. 1652 (the Student Non-Discrimination Act) that prevents schools and school programs that are federally funded from any sort of discrimination against any student that would be based on the student’s sexual orientation. Tim Walz co-sponsored this legislation since he believes that all students deserve to learn and grow up in a safe and supportive environment regardless of what their sexual orientation may be.

Vouchers for public education and tax incentives for a college education

Tim Walz has clearly indicated which principles he is supporting when it comes to education. He clearly is a strong advocate of the following:

  • Parents must be allowed to use vouchers like equal opportunity scholarships for sending their children to public education schools.
  • The funding for school improvements such as technology, buildings, and/or infrastructure must be seriously increased.
  • Funding of programs like Stafford Loans and Pell Grants must be increased to support students deal with the increasing cost of a college education.
  • Federal tax incentives need to be implemented to help families build up financial resources for their children’s college education.

So let’s hope that this fan site will be successful as a tribute to Tim Walz, a great educator, a fine Congressman, and now Minnesota Governor and that this website soon will become a true citizen of the free world.