Taste of Europe- 8 Unusual Places You Should Visit

Getting away from city life and all of the stresses and strains that it brings can be exactly what people need to get refreshed. Many holidays can be complete mayhem from start to finish, but it doesn’t have to always be that way – choosing countryside holiday cottages or other tranquil European destinations are two options. So let’s check it out what it takes to get a Taste of Europe- 8 Unusual Places You Should Visit.

By doing your research regarding what to see and do, where to be based and how to get there you can find destinations across Europe for that tranquil holiday you’ve needed for months. Here is a top 8 for your perusal:

Scopello, Sicily

When you think of relaxation, what comes to mind? Would you like to see sandy beaches and sun? Well, if it is, then this spot on the coast of Italy is perfect for you as you look to unwind from the stresses of modern life. There is pretty much nothing at this idyllic stone village, it is a spot for true escapism and absolute peace, but make sure you don’t come without packing the essentials!

Krka, Croatia

A growing tourist destination, Croatia is starting to come into its own. It was a hidden gem in the past with its stunning coastline matched by tranquil mountains. With great value for money for people heading from the United Kingdom, Krka is inland but a great base for enjoying the Plitvice lakes along with waterfalls and a national park.

Settle, Yorkshire Dales

The United Kingdom is often overlooked when it comes to vacationing but this shouldn’t always be the case. There are fabulous cottages to rent in Yorkshire and across the rest of the country that should be considered. The market town of Settle is beautiful, set amongst stunning scenery it makes there a perfect base to explore the surrounding countryside. One of the finest options is a modern barn conversion called Bookilber Barn, which is perfect for getting fresh air away from the bigger cities while also enjoying the Three Peaks Country.

Lake Garda, Italy

Found in Northern Italy, this is the largest lake that the country has to offer. It is truly spectacular, a stunning part of the world that is a must-see for any traveler. Its beautiful surroundings make it a tranquil setting for anyone looking to take a break for a week or two.

Gotland, Sweden

Both beautiful and unique Gotland is a simply brilliant place to visit. This large island off the Swedish east coast is an exclusive destination which is growing in popularity. With an abundance of historical and other fascinating sights to see, this tranquil setting is usually entered by boat and is named as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Beau-Rivage Palace, Switzerland

From European destinations, we thought that you like to consider a luxury hotel spa. Found in the beautiful Lausanne, the place is stunning and gives you the perfect chance to unwind in an outstanding hotel for you and your partner. Take also a look at this article that’s full of tips for when you plan your backpackers trip through Europe.

Montserrat, Spain

When we talk about Barcelona, we think that it is going to be clogged up with tourists – that’s true. But, if you get in a car and head to the breathtaking mountain of Montserrat you can enjoy a World Heritage site that boasts stunning views for mile and miles around.

General Kantadzhievo, Bulgaria

We’ll wrap up with the unknown. This is a tranquil and peaceful village, not too far from Varna, that is the perfect base for relaxation. A picturesque spot, to say the least, you can enjoy clear air while also fishing or hiking the world is your oyster!

Rediscovering Romance in the Med

The strain of the working year had taken its toll again and it was only April. To hell with the overpriced school holiday flights – we wanted a holiday. We’ve been to Spain several times in the past but this time we thought, why not Mallorca?

For the first time ever, we decided to go for an all-inclusive package deal. I’ve always been dubious about what you get for your money, but I’m pleased to stay that getting off our bus, we were both happy with the sight of our shiny new hotel. The hotel manager proudly told us that the hotel had just been renovated, hence the smell of paint and squeaky-clean tiles. It appeared to be a good way to keep our expenses within our budget. And that matters!

We were lucky enough to have a room with a balcony with a pretty view of the Med. We’d only just arrived but already this Balearic little island was making us smile! After getting settled in we launched headfirst into the bar and attacked the lunch buffet. There’s something about the words ‘all-inclusive’ that I see as some kind of challenge as to how many sandwiches I can cram into my mouth and wash down with strawberry daiquiris.

Prising ourselves away from the bar for a while, we spent a couple of days in the capital, Palma, with the highlights being the gorgeous little cafes, bistros and tapas restaurants. We always asked the waiter to bring us a load of local dishes so we could really get a taste for the island. The chicken and chorizo in white wine sauce (not red wine, as we expected) was our stand-out favorite dish. The food had all the flavors of tapas from Spain but combined in a different way. As a pair of foodies, we were very happy.

We spent most evenings taking long, romantic walks and drinking a lot of red wine. Mallorca was a surprise in that we were expecting the usual hoards of travelers looking for the nearest English-themed pub and greasy fry up. Instead, we met a lot of couples and families – it seems Mallorca attracts a different crowd to Spain. After a week, we left very sunburnt but very happy.