Must Visit Streets in New Orleans

While visiting New Orleans there are some streets you should not miss. Here they are:

St. Charles Avenue
A major thoroughfare in New Orleans and the place for the St. Charles Streetcar Line. An antique streetcar can take you on a ride through the historical past or you can go walking by the hundreds of storybook mansions that decorate the tree-lined boulevard.

Magazine Street
Magazine Street absolutely is a dreamland for second-hand bargain seekers, coffee shop fanatics and those people who appreciate casual dining, and the stroll will take you all the way from the Garden District to Uptown New Orleans.

Royal Street
Just one block away from the madness of Bourbon Street is the French Quarter’s more sophisticated and elegant center of local artistic culture. Royal Street is a pleasant blend of exquisite antique shops and boutiques, wonderful jewelry stores, amazing art galleries, great architecture, and world-class hotels and restaurants.

Frenchmen Street
This street is the legendary heart of music, culture, and nightlife in New Orleans. Frenchmen Street provides residents and tourists with the best live music and street art. Frenchmen Street is a must-see and known as the local’s variety of Bourbon Street. Frenchmen is a favored entertainment area found within walking distance of the French Quarter.

Esplanade Avenue
One of the best known historic streets in New Orleans, and it runs from the French Quarter to the statue of General Beauregard in Beauregard Circle at the front of New Orleans’ City Park. Esplanade Avenue is a historic thoroughfare lined with beautiful oak trees, classy townhouses, and Creole mansions.

Oak Street
This street is the so-called Main Street of the city’s Carrollton neighborhood of Uptown New Orleans, and Oak Street boasts the relaxed atmosphere of early 20th century small-town America. Oak Street is really a very warm, friendly, gentle yet exciting location in New Orleans where you can find plenty of musical talent and great restaurants and bars.

Canal Street
The heart and nerve center of downtown New Orleans and the street was named for a canal that was never built. Canal Street is the typical starting point for any tour of the Big Easy. From here you can start off in any direction and you will almost certainly uncover something of scenic or historic interest.

Julia Street
Locally known as Gallery Row, and Julia Street is a mecca for first-class art enthusiasts with countless world-class art galleries. Contemporary art is very much full of life on Julia Street, with a variety of galleries and here you can find important art happenings like Art for Art’s Sake.

Bourbon Street
This world-famous street is the New Orleans spot for fun and excitement and is a Must-See on a New Orleans visit. In Bourbon Street, in the famous French Quarter (aka the Vieux Carré) the party literally never stops. On Bourbon Street you will never be bored, there is so much to do, regardless of your taste in music, entertainment or food.

Fulton Street
This street experienced a major improvement in the 1980s when some of the street was added to the perimeter of the New Orleans World’s Fair. This event was the catalyst for a resurrection of the city’s Warehouse District and now offers several popular exposition locations. Casual outdoor dining and exciting live entertainment are what you’ll find on Fulton Street.

Maple Street
Located just a few steps from the St. Charles Avenue streetcar and close to New Orleans’ two major universities (Loyola and Tulane). Maple Street is a favorite hangout for the college crowd including many of their professors, and also for an increasing number of creative people from the neighborhood.