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“Were It Not For The Brave, There Would Be No Land Of The Free”

The Fallen Heroes Survivors Foundation (FHSF) is a Non-Profit Corporation 501(c) that was established by Mike Ladouceur in 2010. FHSF provides support and services to surviving spouses as well as dependent children of those brave American military men and women that have fallen in battle during times of war.

The foundation additionally provides support to families of military personnel who committed suicide due to documented PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) resulting from their service to our country during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. FHSF uses over 85 percent of every dollar donated to support these families, so your donation goes a long way.

FHSF is not offering a hand-outs, but a hands-up. This is temporary assistance based on need and available funding to aid these families as they recover from the tremendous loss they have suffered.

The minimum donation equals what you would spend in a month on a few cups of coffee. Commit for a month, commit for a year, or make a one-time donation, and we can make a life-changing difference for these families.

Donations will assist with short-term childcare since the spouses not only lost uniformed loved ones but also much-needed financial security and support for their families.

Fallen Heroes Survivors Foundation, Inc. is also providing short-term support for housing, emergency health care, and car payments, and supports families through scholarship accounts for college-bound surviving youth. By supporting the families of the fallen, we may as well honor the living and pray that they won’t have the pay the ultimate price.

FHSF challenges all Americans to stand up and give back to the families who have made the ultimate sacrifice. By working together, we will be able to support our nation’s Fallen Heroes’ spouses and their dependent children with making ends meet in a time of painful transition. Joining FHSF’s efforts in this absolutely worthy cause will make a huge difference in the lives of so many that depend on the ones who fought to defend our freedom!

Programs at this time include emergency aid for an apartment deposit, that emergency electric bill, mortgage, health care, dental, mentoring, counseling, childcare while mom or dad gets established in a job to support the family, scholarships for dependent children. We all know that freedom isn’t free. It comes at a cost. But these families paid the ultimate price!

We know of many surviving families from the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard who are in dire need of help after they made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Their fathers, mothers, or spouses died while protecting our lives and our freedom.

FHSF offers a great way for U.S. individuals, corporations, and organizations to support military families in need. They were brought in financial and emotional difficulty as they lost their loved ones while fighting for our freedom. Isn’t it time that also you stand up to support the military families who took the brunt of the violence inflicted by our enemies? By working together, we will be able to make a huge difference in their lives!