What is Personal Growth?

Personal growth is all about developing yourself through activities that increase your self-awareness and skills; whether they are mental, spiritual or physical. Embarking on a path of personal growth improves your skills, builds on your strengths, adjusts your weaknesses and allows you to live the life of your choosing.

By engaging in personal growth activities you are unlocking your true potential through self-study, group activity, or learning from a coach or mentor.

Everyone experience‘s their own personal growth in their own unique way and as long as they are gaining benefit from the activity there is no reason to discourage any method of training or development.

There is no failing in personal growth. You can remain stagnant by not doing anything but even if you try and it doesn’t work you gain some priceless experience in the process. With proper reflection, this “failure” experience can be more impactful than a handful of successful experiences.

If you are new to the idea of personal growth there are a multitude of benefits that can be gained from undertaking the quest. These benefits result in an improvement of your: strengths and talents, success and happiness, potential, quality of life, health, social abilities, self-awareness, self-knowledge, and your identity.

Personal growth may also personally affect you in a number of other ways depending on your intentions and your life experiences. Finding someone to work with will allow them to be able to guide you through the introduction to personal growth so that you can reap all these benefits.

Developing a plan or finding a mentor will help to structure the process a little more as there is so much to learn when you are taking this journey. If you are feeling overwhelmed at thought of all of the possibilities just be comforted that this is a natural reaction. Finding a good mentor or creating a plan will help you to weed through all of the possibilities and figure out what you need to work on.

Putting the plan into action requires effort and follow-up. If you are unsure that you will be able to stick to the plan it may be necessary to use the mentor or a friend to keep you accountable. It’s a funny thing that we will be more motivated to not disappoint a friend or mentor but we don’t hold ourselves in the same regard. But keep in mind, though, that a no-news week is, of course, a good-news week.

Whatever you are working on just realize that the habits that you are trying to rewire are probably hard-wired into your life. Start by making consistent incremental changes and you will begin to notice large effects over time. The smallest change given enough time will result in a massive consequence. It is your choice to make that change consciously or to just let the external forces guide your decisions, also for situations that may affect our life more drastically.