Mad Men and Don Draper

Who doesn’t know Don Draper? He is a hero of Mad Men series and unforgettable character.

This post, admittedly, is a small departure but will probably be of some interest to the elite type of readership we have. Here is some advice from a few well-respected international writers: …

Interview Barbie Wilde

Barbie Wilde is known for her “body horror” stories, the most unusual stories you might ever read. In this interview, she shares her thoughts about

her role as the Female Cenobite in the classic cult horror movie ‘Hellbound: Hellraiser II.

We’re heading for the holidays and before you know, semester two is upon us and I bet you it’s going to be hell on earth. OK, slightly dramatic, and first we’ll have to finish our first semester exams the coming weeks and it’s fine so far but ask me in a few weeks when we get our assignments for the second semester…

I’m not actually at the university until tomorrow but today was my first day at “the Office”.

You might wonder how did I get there? It’s a great story about how helping other (good) people you can help yourself.

I was involved in the development of a website for people who want to get their HS diploma and got recommended by the owners of this website to their friends who run “the Office”. And I am entirely grateful and tell you helping other good people pays off. But going back to my story.

On Tuesday night Chiefy e-mailed me and told me to come in this afternoon to start work – I asked what time, and if I needed to bring my laptop. …

What is Fractal Art

Mathemagic Images

Fractals are magic made from math. Travel the fractal road and you need never see the same image twice. Colors, perspective and mood can be endlessly varied. For me this is magic at its most immediate and best……..a melding of advanced technology with the loving hand of an artist. Check here a list of famous fractals artists.