Tim Walz-A Short Biography

Tim (Timothy James) Walz was born on April 1964 in West Point, Nebraska as the son of James and Darlene Walz. Tim is of Irish, Swedish, and German ancestry. Tim Walz is Minnesota’s 41st governor serving the state from January 2019. This post celebrates Tim Walz-a short biography.

Mr. Walz served as Minnesota Representative to the House for the state’s first congressional district in the period 2007 through 2018. Check out this video about Tim Walz giving his acceptance speech after he won the Minnesota governor race:

Tim Walz, the son of a family that was active in the local community, was raised in the rural Eastern Nebraska region where he spent the summers on the farm helping his family. Tim Walz graduated from high school in 1982 and he continued his academic education at Nebraska’s Chadron State College where, in 1989, he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science. That same year, Tim also earned the prestigious title of Citizen-Soldier of the Year in Nebraska.