Funding Your Startup – Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is an atypical finance system which has emerged as the newest and highly effective financing platform for entrepreneurs looking to raise capital for their startup or small business.

Crowdfunding in simpler terms is getting monetary sponsors for your new startup through funding campaigns. The Most common and known way of crowdfunding is through several crowdfunding websites but it can be done in many other ways, such as simply reaching out to family, friends, and colleagues.

A crowdfunding campaign has three main parties involved, You! Of course, the campaign initiator, the sponsors or donators that make the monetary contributions, and the mediator, which in most cases is the crowdfunding website. With crowdfunding, you have two options for raising funds:

Reward-based crowdfunding

What is Personal Growth?

Personal growth is all about developing yourself through activities that increase your self-awareness and skills; whether they are mental, spiritual or physical. Embarking on a path of personal growth improves your skills, builds on your strengths, adjusts your weaknesses and allows you to live the life of your choosing.

By engaging in personal growth activities you are unlocking your true potential through self-study, group activity, or learning from a coach or mentor.

Everyone experience‘s their own personal growth in their own unique way and as long as they are gaining benefit from the activity there is no reason to discourage any method of training or development.

There is no failing in personal growth. You can remain stagnant by not doing anything but even if you try and it doesn’t work you gain some priceless experience in the process. With proper reflection, this “failure” experience can be more impactful than a handful of successful experiences.

The Things That Makes You Angry

The other day while I was focused on pulling the perfect shot of coffee for a pre-teen who didn’t even look old enough to be drinking a triple venti mocha with whip, I toyed with the idea of having a drinking age for coffee like they have for alcohol, like 18 maybe? Although to be fair I indulged in my share of caramel frappucinos in my teen years, ironically at this very Starbucks.

I remembered feeling so hip sitting in the cozy overstuffed chair in the corner with my BFF as we gossiped and laughed and then snuck outside to smoke Kool menthol cigarettes. …

Liebster Blog Award Origins-Reality vs Perception

I want to tell you a funny story. There is a gas station/mini-mart about a half mile up the highway from my house. I frequent it every week or two, but not to buy anything. Are you kidding me? Do you know how much they want for a box of frosted flakes?

And the gas— give-me-a break! You won’t find higher prices anywhere in town. Nevertheless, it is one of the few convenience stores that I have to say I am honestly grateful for, even if the owners cannot say the same for me.

I do feel guilty though. Oh, it’s not what you think— I’m not a thief, at least not in the standard sense of the word. I simply take full advantage of the restroom facilities that are offered to paying-patrons, even though I’ve already established the fact that I am not one of those.

I’m not a bum, either, just a long-distance runner, who knows the whereabouts of every Sani-Hut, park lavatory, and high-priced gas station/mini-mart along my route. The first two mentioned places, I can go into without question, whereas with the latter, I tend to feel a little conspicuous. I always have a disclaimer.