Fun we we’ve had

Have you noticed the sun setting earlier? Are leaves already starting to turn color in your neck of the woods? It’s hard to believe the summer has crept into its final weeks. Soon the seasons will change from baseball to football. Good gravy, it’s almost time for NaNoWriMo! But as far as I’m concerned, any …

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Aaron D Wiegert

I met with the author Aaron D Wiegert. Here is a small summary of our conversation. In work from home careers such as home internet businesses that involve a network or team, you will be the Leader for the people you attract into the business opportunity. Looking at the Leadership principles contained in, How to …

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Liz Martin Inspiration

I recently had a chance to meet Liz Martin, the Instructional Specialist of Writing Studies. She truly inspired me. Below are some thoughts that I have after meeting her. Going to an interview can be downright intimidating, and going to your first job interview is no exception. Without any prior work experience to point to, …

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Bigfoot and I

Do you remember a story about the Bigfoot on the main street? We were young, 15 maybe? and thus had little idea of the concepts of mortality and moderation. Young and in our rebellious stage, we were a steadfast band jokingly referred to by friends and classmates as The Three Musketeers; I’m sure our teachers …

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The Only Way it can End

I was thrilled last month to sign a contract with a publisher to publish my first romantic suspense novel. The reactions I have received from friends and family as I share my news has been varied, and yet still followed a predictable path. Check out also this video with great tips for aspiring writers: So …

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Interview with Clay MCleod Chapman

Here is a great interview with Clay MCleod Chapman, the author, and actor. Bonus from us: Five Easy Ways to Create Characters That Will Knock Your Readers’ Socks Off, Dazzle Agents, Woo Editors, and Won’t Be Soon Forgotten: First off, take a good, long, hard look at your characters. Are they layered? Are they multi-dimensional? …

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Boarding Time

Fake pockets are the bane of my fashionable existence. Nothing’s worse than going to stash my bank card or chapstick, only to encounter resistance. No pocket for you! It’s a disappointment, to say the least. Words can scarcely describe the letdown. Don’t let this same thing happen in your writing! You should be aware of …

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Intergluteal Numismatics

In this episode of the fifth season of Community, we are exposed to a detective movie parody where Jeff and Annie try to figure out the mystery of the Ass Crack Bandit, who has been terrorizing the school by putting quarters in people’s butts. It’s the juxtaposition that sells it—the decision to partner what might …

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Mad Men and Don Draper

Who doesn’t know Don Draper? He is a hero of Mad Men series and unforgettable character. This post, admittedly, is a small departure but will probably be of some interest to the elite type of readership we have. Here is some advice from a few well-respected international writers: