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Writing Structures – Facts of Life

Have you ever wondered: Is there preferential treatment in schools? Do school board members kids receive preferential treatment? Does the PTA president’s kid receive preferential treatment? Do the kids of parents who volunteer more hours or donate more money to the school receive preferential treatment?

Well, the following video shows how students at Block High School in Jonesville, LA, are still faced with inequality and segregation every day at their school. This is more than fifty years after Martin Luther King Jr! What happened to the civil rights movement?

There is no easy answer to this question, so instead let me pose another one. Is it ever possible to be completely fair to every single person all of the time? And one more question: Would you be surprised if I said it’s nearly humanly impossible to be completely devoid of preferential treatment?

Human nature is what it is. It’s human nature to treat those who treat you well with equal measure. And conversely, it’s human nature to treat those who treat you poorly with equal measure. I am not saying that this is absolute whatsoever; however, I would contend that idioms such as “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” and “tit for tat” have been around forever and are still utilized to this day because they are so true to human nature.

Fundamentals of Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting analysis can be a fun hobby, but it’s also an important technique used by criminal investigators to try and understand the behavior of a suspect. Some companies use handwriting analysis during the hiring process to predict a potential employee’s personality and job suitability and future performance. Handwriting analysis, or graphology, is somewhat controversial and not presently accepted as a legal tool.

While the jury might still be out on the formal applications of handwriting analysis, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take advantage of it.

Handwriting analysis can give us an insight into a person’s behavior, state of mind and overall personality. Since handwriting analysis is not an exact science, however, it’s important to allow for variations and not to expect anything too precise.

How to Use Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting analysis looks at three major things to determine somebody’s personality: the size of their handwriting, its slant, and the pressure applied when writing. People with large handwriting are either extroverted or yearning to be noticed, while people who write small tend to be introverted and want to blend in.

Things To Avoid When Writing An Application

I came across another (as usual) great post from a copy blogger about headline writing. I have to say this is an area where I have problems starting in both my posts and my articles. Mine always seem boring. A piece of advice I got recently was to write your headlines like a ‘thriller writer’.

That helped but this post by Jonathan Morrow is the ‘real juice’ and I will follow it’s advice. These tips will help you when you need to write an essay or job application as well.

He lists 12 things to do when writing headlines:

  • Avoid being original –  I had to do a double-take when I saw this. Basically what he is really saying is broaden your resource material. You should as a writer keep a ‘rip off’ file. This is where you see a great piece or headline and ‘rip it off’ – I just cut and paste good headlines then play around with them. I have not done this consistently enough so I will be doing this more consistently. Do this until you get a real feel for a good headline and you can then be original.