Personal Growth

Personal Growth-Careful Words

They’re giving honors students a boost to big-name colleges. Alex Almanza, whose 4.75 GPA put him in the top 5% of his high school class, could have gone to one of several state universities, including the University of Florida. But the offer from Miami-Dade Community College was too good to refuse: Free tuition, fees, and …

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Looks DO Matter-Hanging Low

I’m the type of person who’d like to live in a world where looks don’t matter. But, like you, I live in a world where looks do in fact matter. As I shared in my post about hate, I’ve had a pretty telling example of just how much looks can play into the way others …

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The State of The Internet Economy- for Britland

The Internet Economy is just the latest of several successive waves of transformation yielding increasingly powerful, inexpensive infrastructure for automating work. For the first time, machines have a common nervous system through which to communicate and organize functions. Enjoying the convenience of the dial tone of the Information Age, we are becoming increasingly dependent upon …

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